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          总校长寄语 Headmaster's Letter

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                 天津华苑枫叶国际学校是隶属于天津枫叶教育园区大区域制管理下的一个分校区,学校秉承“中西教育优化结合 全面实施素质教育”的办学理念,在完成国家义务教育课程体系的基础上,突出英语优势,发展艺体特色,关注学生个性成长及综合能力的培养,真正落实素质教育。



          Maple Leaf Educational Park-Tianjin 
          General Headmaster's Message 

          Long Yongxiang 

                 Maple Leaf International School-Tianjin Huayuan is a branch school under the Maple Leaf Educational Park-Tianjin. The school upholds the educational philosophy of “Blending the Best Education of China and Canada & Implementing Quality Education”. Besides the national compulsory courses, our school focuses on developing English strengths and talents and pays attention to students’ individuality and all-around development. 

                 We strive to build a professional teaching and management team and a green and international learning setting so that our students can achiev growth in an environment of respect, equality and happiness. 

                 Huayuan Maple Leafers will carry forward the Maple Leaf’s spirit of “Striving for Educational Excellence and Being the Best We can Be”. We will provide first-class education and service to benefit students and to satisfy parents.      


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