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          学校概况 Introduction

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           Maple Leaf International School-Tianjin Huayuan (Huayuan Campus) is the high-end international school which was introduced by Management Committee of Tianjin Binhai High-Tech Industrial Development Area.

                 The School is situated in HuaYuan Industrial Park of Tianjin with a convenient traffic flow. It covers an area of 35000 square meters, and a building area of 21000 square meters. It’s fully equipped with teaching building, laboratory block, cultural and physical block,lecture hall, library, canteen, and football pitch. It’s also possesses with advanced educational equipments, beautiful green lawns’ garden, and strong teaching resources. The school include primary and junior middle department, and all carry out the small size teaching class. The expected numbers of students will be up to 1600 towards nationwide enrollment.

              Maple Leaf International School-Tianjin, Huayuan, upholds the operation theory of “Blend the best education of Chinese & West, Implement quality education.”It insists on the service theory of “Respect, Care, Guidance, Achievement”. Regardless of the racer, nationality, our school offer the top-level education service for all the students.

               Maple Leaf elementary school established all the curriculums of a national nine year compulsory education program. It carries out the theory of happy education, teaching in accordance with different aptitude of students, interests cultivation, basis consolidation, capability development and English teaching emphasis. The English vocabulary of the elementary school graduates will be up to 2500 words. Maple Leaf aims to let each student get health, happiness, and harmonious development from the classroom.

              Maple junior middle school established all the curriculums of national nine year compulsory education program. It bring into practices that the high efficiency class, knowledge vision expansion, basic knowledge consolidation, innovation ability cultivation and English teaching emphasis. The English vocabulary of the junior school graduates will be up to 5500 words. The school implement the “3 triple A” habits of education, so as to let students gain a solid grasp of language and subjective knowledge for their full preparation of entering into the Maple high middle school to learn Canada BC education curriculum system.